Easton Falls Massacre (Book Review)

*I received an arc of this book by Book Sirens in exchange for an honest review.

Holly Rae Garcia and Ryan Prentice Garcia’s book Easton Falls Massacre: Bigfoot’s revenge. This book is a fantasy book with so much violence in it! This is such an action book.

Henry is an retired US Marshall. His love of his life, Kate did not want Henry to join the army but it has been Henry’s dream to join the army. Hence he left for his dream job to serve his country on the battlefield. After training and after he got posted for the scary stuff, he did not get any time to exchange letters with the love of his life and despite the promises of keeping their relationship afloat through the long distance, it just did not happen. After some pretty tragic incidents, he had to retire from the army and come back home.

After coming home and getting back with Kate, they moved in together and were living happily until one day some secrets come out and things go downhill for him. To refresh his mind he goes out hunting. While hunting he strays from his path and kills a bear. His mouth waters with the thought of having a bear as his meal but this is a big bear and he has to carry it to his truck to take back home. Upon closer look, this does not look like some bear but actually looks like some mutation of a near. If it is possible then it is also possible for some other creatures of nature, right?

After they come back from the hunt with their prey, the whole town starts looking into the fact that if this is actually some deformed grizzly bear or some other creature? Maybe one of the myths are true and this maybe a Bigfoot, but who knows? No one has seen a creature like this before. While some of the people are looking around the town for the identity of this creature, the rest of the town suddenly goes into a murder frenzy the town starts looking like a ghost town. With people dead and mangled corpses.

Can they be able to help the town and save the people from whatever that is going around, killing people?

This is a really adventurous and cool action filled book but also it is kind of sad. The overall book and it’s themes are kind of sad throughout. Also, the book is very violent! The imagery used to describe the things happening and everything, is very vivid. Also, the description of the mangled corpse is also so vivid. I skipped thorough many of the descriptions. So, that is definitely a trigger warning. Also from that you already know that death is another warning. So, definitely look out for that.

This is a nice book otherwise. Filled with so much action. Also, a very short read. But contains a lot of trigger warnings.

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